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Sales Tax Systems & Solutions - Directory (By Type)

Search "By Type" of Sales Tax Solution or Software - from Sales Tax Rates to Returns

Our "Sales Tax - By Product Type" directory makes it easy to narrow your search. Simply select the product category which describes your sales or use tax needs. Once you access the appropriate page, simply click the column header of the product you want - and you can create a vendor short-list.

Sales Tax Research, Publications and Training:

There are many information products which can help you to better understand sales tax issues. Need to research sales tax law, rules or taxability decisions - or perhaps learn more about nexus issues? If so - this is the section for you.

Sales Tax Rates:

This is where it starts getting tricky... Capabilities (and prices) can vary dramatically by solution - so it's important that you compare each product or system carefully to ensure that it meets your company's particular sales or use tax needs. Some sales tax rates solutions include:

  • Look-ups: Tired of constantly searching for sales tax rates on the internet? If so you may want to consider a rate look-up tool which allows fast and easy rate searches. (Note - There are also some free trial versions which can be downloaded from sales tax system vendors. See the "Sales Tax Lookup & Other" link in our Information section.)
  • Rates Databases: If you need sales tax rates for many locations and want to automate the loading and updating of that data into your sales tax system, a rates database may be an even better fit. (Note: If you plan to load rates into an accounting/ERP package, don't forget to ask about integration requirements.)
  • Rates with Rules: Some vendors also offer specialized sales-use tax rates solutions that include industry-specific rules. (If you are in an industry which has special taxability rules, don't forget to consider this issue...)

Sales Tax Calculation & Sales Tax Returns (Filing)

Unfortunately, it takes more than just the correct sales tax rate to be compliant... Depending upon your transactions volume you may want to consider a more comprehensive sales tax system which can calculate sales tax - and/or prepare and/or file sales or use tax returns:

  • Tax Calculation Engines: There are a wide variety of tax engines available (both web and server-based) which can meet the needs of a diverse range of companies, from small start-ups through to multi-national corporations.
  • Sales Tax Returns (Filing): While includes direct links to many sales tax returns forms on state sites, there are sales tax returns systems which can greatly ease this process. These solutions can range from simple forms libraries through to automated solutions which will populate returns and much more.
  • SSTP Certified: We also list companies that have become SSTP Certified. Please contact providers for additional information - or go to the SSTP web-site for additional details.

Exemption Certificate Management Systems & Other

Need a system to manage your tax exemption/reseller certificates? Our directory makes it fast and easy to see possible providers...

Prices and Features Vary Greatly - and Don't Forget About Integration...

Please note that pricing and features can vary greatly by product, so it's important to carefully consider your needs and to compare all available options. And (especially for rates databases or tax engines) don't forget to ask the vendor about any required integration - as this can add time and cost to your project.


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