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Exactor, Inc.

HQ Location
543 Foxglove Lane
Wynnewood, PA
Telephone: 800-851-8226
Sales Tax Products Information/Sales Contact:
Direct Tel: 800-851-8226

Company Profile:

Exactor is revolutionizing sales tax compliance by providing the next-generation, end-to-end, fully automated, solution for secure, reliable and accurate sales tax record keeping and tax processing. Exactor's service introduces to sales tax compliance the same high standards and ease of use typically associated with payroll taxes. This allows the merchant to focus on SALES, while Exactor deals with the TAX.

Company Size:

Medium (11-40 Employees)

Sales Tax (SALT) Products provided: Rates Lookup, Rates Data, Calculation, SSTP Certified, Exemption Certificate Mgmt.
Sales Tax Products Coverage By Geographic Area:

Int'l - Canada, Int'l - VAT, USA - All States

Industries Served:

General, Retail, Construction, Direct Sales(MLM), E-Commerce, Food/Grocery, Food/Restaurant, Gaming, Manufacturing, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Start-up, Technology/Software

Products Offering:

Calculations, Rates, Exemption Sys, Rates with Rules, Returns, Returns W/ Filing Service, SSTP Certified


All users have access to Exactor's virtual terminal environment where they can perform ad-hoc transactions and access instant tax rate data.


Accurately determining the taxability of a sale is a very complex process, stemming from the many issues that affect the tax determination. These issues range from establishing the location of the transaction; the products and services being sold; and the parties involved in the transaction. All of this information is required to determine which of the more than 7,000 taxing authorities will govern the transaction, which rules will apply to the transaction, whether the given products are taxable and at what rate, and whether the consumer might possess an exemption that will render the entire transaction as tax exempt.

Returns / Filing:

Filing sales tax returns is a formidable task-knowing which returns need to be filed, to which states, and by when. In addition, the filing requirements can be different from one filing period to the next. Why struggle with this process? ExactorFile automatically imports sales data into the appropriate sales tax returns and files these returns electronically when due. The sales tax returns are stored and maintained on the Exactor servers for easy retrieval.

Exemption Certification Mgmt.:

Managing exemptions is often the most difficult part of the sales tax process. While not a complicated task, exemption management can be extremely time-consuming. The last thing that any sales person wants to do is stop a transaction in mid stride to obtain an exemption certificate. The ExactorExempt module is designed to automate the process of creating, tracking & managing exemption certificates, without impeding the flow of the transaction.


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