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HQ Location
13 Mason Lane
Bella Vista, AR
Telephone: 909-591-9543
Sales Tax Products Information/Sales Contact:
Bill Verbick
Direct Tel: 909-591-9543

Company Profile:

eDocSolutions pioneered Exemption Certificate Management (ECM) and has been the industry leader since the very first version of eNable! was released in 2000. We are focused on providing the most flexible and efficient solution for our customers. eNable! for Sales Tax Resale and Exemption Certificates is the most configurable system on the market and has a customer base ranging from relatively small growing companies to huge multinationals. Those customers are from a broad range of industries including manufacturing, financial services, utilities, retailers, electronics, energy, industrial and distribution.

Company Size:

Small (2-10 Employees)

Sales Tax (SALT) Products provided: Exemption Certificate Mgmt.
Sales Tax Products Coverage By Geographic Area:

Int'l - Canada, USA - All States

Industries Served:

Aircraft, Automotive, Construction, Direct Sales (MLM), E-Commerce, Energy, Hospitality/Hotels, Insurance, Leasing-Auto, Leasing-Other, Manufacturing, Rental, Start-up, Telecom/Cable/Utilities, Transportation, All industries where sales tax exemptions apply.

Products Offering:

We are 100% focused on exemption certificate management. Our eNable! for Sales Tax Exemption Certificates is a software solution that is run at our client's site behind their firewalls. Our licensing is also based on the number of concurrent users which can be a huge operational savings. Whether installed as a desktop application with shared data or as an application centrally managed under Citrix or Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, eNable! fits into every company's environment.

Exemption Certification Mgmt.:

eNable! for Sales Tax Resale and Exemption Certificates is the most flexible software solution for tracking and managing certificates. In addition to handling certificate validation and expiration dates, eNable!'s imaging, reporting and letters capabilities provide the information needed to streamline audits and minimize assessments and penalties. eNable! modernizes the certificate process and allows instant access to certificate information from anywhere. With optional interfaces eNable! can be the single point of entry for auditable sales tax exemption information.


Contact eDocSolutions for integration/interface capabilities.


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