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Looking for sales tax information or assistance? 

For almost 10 years, was the go-to “sales tax” web-sitewhere small-medium businesses could easily find over 1,000 pages of sales tax information, as well as solution and service providers. (This past year alone, we had approximately 500,000 users generate 1,000,000 page views!)  Unfortunatelydue to changes in the market (as well as our personal lives), we have decided that it is no longer possible to host the site in its current format. 

However, in order to assist you - we have provided links (below) to some of the sales tax professionals who provided our most popular content. If you visit their linked web-sites, you will find helpful information, as well as contact options. 

We thank you for your support – and wish you (and your business) well!  


Sales Tax Professionals - By Name (with STATE or INDUSTRY Focus Listed)

Note: While we indicate some state or industry specializations below, most listed sales tax professionals support clients with nexus, e-commerce, drop-shipping - and of course "Wayfair" issues.  For that reason, we do not reference those specializations. 

Andrew H. Johnson
B.J. Pritchett, CMI (Arkansas Sales Tax) 
Diane Yetter / Sales Tax Institute (Sales Tax Education / Seminars)
Gabrielle Luoma, CPA, CGMA (Arizona Sales Tax) 
James R. Dumler (Medical Industry Tax) 
Jerry Donnini 
Joni Johnson-Powe, JD, CPA (Tax Automation Specialist)
Keith Crichton, CPA (Colorado Sales Tax)
Lauren Stinson, CMI (Manufacturing/Distribution Tax) 
Michael Fleming
Monika Miles, CPA (California Sales Tax) 
Rachel A. Le Mieux, CPA, CMI (Washington Sales Tax) 
Steve Estelle, Esq. (Ohio Sales Tax) 
Susan Goertz (Texas Sales Tax, in particular TX Construction Tax) 
Sylvia F. Dion, CPA (Massachusetts Tax & U.S. Sales Tax for Foreign Sellers)
Tom Mazurek, CPA (New York Sales Tax)