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HQ Location
15501 Weston Parkway
Cary, NC
Telephone: 919-467-4545
Sales Tax Products Information/Sales Contact:
Chris Atkinson
Direct Tel: 919-467-4545
Company Profile:

StrikeIron is the leader in Data-as-a-Service (DaaS), delivering data quality and communications solutions via our cloud platform IronCloud. We provide sales tax, address verification, email verification, phone validation, phone append, and SMS text messaging solutions to customers in a variety of markets. Our solutions are delivered as Web services that can be easily integrated into any application or system. Additionally, our solutions are pre-integrated into leading platforms like: Magento, nopcommerce,, Informatica, Oracle CRM On-Demand, and more. Visit us on the web at , read our blog at, and follow us on Twitter @StrikeIron.

Company Size: Medium(11-40 Employees)
Sales Tax (SALT) Products provided: Rates, Rates w/Taxability
Sales Tax Products Coverage By Geographic Area: All States
Industries Served: Healthcare, Startup, Aircraft/Auto, Hotels, Restaurants, Technology, Construction, Insurance, Telecom/Cable, DirectSales/MLM, Leasing Auto, Transportation, ECommerce, Leasing, Manufacturing

The StrikeIron Tax Data Systems Sales and Use Tax Web Services provide a programmatic interface to live sales and use tax data provided by Tax Data Systems. Simply supply a U.S. ZIP or Canadian postal code and it will be instantly matched to the general sales and use tax and shipping rate levels for the state, county, and city. The tax data is then delivered live via an XML based Web service directly into any application, platform, product, or Web site.

StrikeIron offers three Web services to meet your needs:

1)StrikeIron Online Sales Tax Calculation service provides real-time, automated sales tax calculation based on a delivery address, jurisdiction and tax classification category. This service not only provides sales tax information but will also validate and standardize the address for your customer. There is no more precise and detailed jurisdiction mapping service available.

2)The Sales and Use Tax Complete Web Service provides all the features of the Basic Web Service, plus more than six additional tax levels, support for non unique ZIP codes (useful when you have multiple items per ZIP code), support for MTA, SPD and much more.

3)The Sales and Use Tax Basic Web Service provides sales and use tax rates at the state, county, and city level for over 19,000 U.S. and Canadian tax jurisdictions. StrikeIron is the leader in providing innovative solutions for delivering data over the emerging Internet. The company's innovative Web Services Marketplace provides a technology platform, micro-transaction management and a consistent interface across many XML-based Web services from multiple, diverse sources. This allows business users, application developers and enterprise IT professionals to customize and integrate external data sources and additional external functionality into enterprise, Web, and composite applications. Currently, StrikeIron provides over 100 live data sources and business functions from organizations such as Cortera, D&B, Gale, MapQuest, Midnight Trader, Tax Data Systems, The Sports Network, and Zacks.

Retrieves the current city, state, and county tax rates in the United States based on a given ZIP code, and Canadian provinces based on a province name. The live tax data is provided by Tax Data Systems. Simply supply a U.S. ZIP or Canadian postal code and it will be instantly matched to the general sales and use tax and shipping rate levels for the state, county, and city.

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