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Sales Tax DataLink

HQ Location
609 SW 8th, 6th Floor
Bentonville, AR
Telephone: 877-806-7715
Sales Tax Products Information/Sales Contact:
Noel Hamm
Direct Tel: 479-795-0310
Company Profile:

STP Group, LLC is a tax technology company and Consulting Group designed for Small Business and CPA's. While large corporations may think sales tax compliance is manageable, it can be daunting for growing businesses. Navigating the questionnaires, returns and taxability can take a lot of time. Small businesses are overwhelmed and newcomers find sales tax compliance highly specialized. If you are not sure if you are up to the challenge or just want to understand the process better, give a call. Our Tax Team with Sales Tax DataLink brings experience and expertise to the complete process.

Company Size: Medium (11-40 Professionals)
Sales Tax (SALT) Products provided: Returns, Returns W/ Filing Service,
Sales Tax Products Coverage By Geographic Area: All States
Industries Served: Sales Tax DataLink is a multi-state filing solution which allows small business and CPA's to meet the filing requirements of virtually all multi-state businesses.
Products Offering:

Sales Tax DataLink is a multi-state filing solution which allows small business and CPA's to meet the filing requirements of virtually all multi-state businesses. Our self-managed option allows you to set up your account, file mapping or control the whole filing process. It is your choice. No more waiting weeks on software vendors or spending days researching specialized state filing requirements! Using only a single data file and the system's intuitive dashboard, users with limited experience find sales tax compliance...effortless!


Unlike other solutions, Sales Tax DataLink, is a multi-state filing solution that you can bypass the need for expensive integrated software. Most users are testing in about an hour - not weeks! Call for your free trial and see for yourself.


Sales Tax DataLink gives you complete control over the filing process. Simply load your mapped data file and Sales Tax DataLink auto-corrects data errors and notifies users of potential filing issues; reduces compliance cost and time, as well as the need for expensive integrated software;and converts sales tax data into State approved upload files for easy online tax filing - no more paper returns. The end result is more control and less need to outsource.

Returns With Filing Service:

Sales Tax DataLink empowers you to file your tax returns independently or when there is not enough time at the end of the week, you can count on us. Our tax professionals are versatile enough to fit into your workflow. Consider us as an extension to your filing process - offering fast and consistent services that take you to a new level of comfort and control. A simple call is all it takes!


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